It's About More Than Just 100% Commissions!

Moving to HomeSmart has literally been life-changing for some agents.

The ability to make significantly MORE MONEY on every transaction means affording things you couldn't afford in the past and providing a better life for your family. An agent, whose testimonial you will read below, uses her "extra money to cruise around the world". Another agent expressed that "the extra commission dollars allowed me to pay for my son’s college tuition".

More aggressive agents might use the EXTRA MONEY towards marketing and lead generation giving them the ability to grow their real estate business so much faster. Another testimonial below shows an agent tripling her business in the first 6 months.

And it's not just about the money. Imagine getting 100% Commissions AND MORE tools, technology, education, training and support than you get from your current broker! I know it sounds hard to believe because we pay such amazing commissions but we are a full-service brokerage. In a testimonial below one of our agents talks about her first impression of HomeSmart... "we thought well you can’t expect very much" because of the low commissions but once she experienced all the other benefits HomeSmart has to offer she expressed that.. "We were overwhelmed with the support we get, the additional training every week..." etc.

We recently had an agent leave us because she was moving to Colorado. In her letter informing us of her move she expressed this sentiment about our company… "It has been such a pleasure working with you. In all of my years in Real Estate I have never worked with a Broker who gave me so much support when needed and you always returned my calls!!! Thank you.”

You don't experience the rapid growth we've experienced here in San Diego and across the country with just BETTER COMMISSIONS. There has to be more to it than that. And that's why we're on track to be one of the most successful real estate companies in the world.


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Over 11,000 agents in the Nationwide and OVER 500 just in San Diego. No company grows to over 500 agents as fast as we have without MASSIVE AGENT BENEFITS.


Out of 82,000 brokerages across the Country, we are now #104 in the NATION in sales volume.


The average brokerage has roughly 50% of their agents active in the marketplace. The reason we have 71% is because we help our agents run and build profitable real estate businesses.


Out of 1000’s of brokerages in San Diego, some having been here for 10 or 20 years, we are now one of the TOP 10 real estate brokerages in San Diego county, in sales volume.


In Arizona, where we started, we sell almost 1/4 of all homes IN THE ENTIRE STATE. Have you EVER heard of ANY real estate company dominating an ENTIRE STATE like that? We plan on doing the same thing here in San Diego.

Agents tend to over-complicate this. THINK LOGICALLY! Get the list of HomeSmart’s benefits and simply compare them with your current broker. If you do, you’ll switch to HomeSmart. IT'S THAT OBVIOUS. 11,000 other agents did this comparison and then moved to HomeSmart. What are you waiting for?

M. Roualdes, HomeSmart Agent

How did you guys come up with this?

We’re not the first company to eliminate commission splits and charge a flat fee. But we are one of the first companies to offer 100% commissions and do it WITHOUT sacrificing offices, marketing, tools, technology, education, training and support.

We get it. $595 is not a lot to charge to be part of a full-service brokerage. And a lot of agents, maybe even you, believe that because HomeSmart pays 100% commissions, we somehow offer less benefits. The truth is, we often have a better combination of benefits for agents than the previous brokers they left. This is the key to whole thing. This is EXACTLY why we are so successful…

Agents are DRAWN to us because of the 
100% commissions. BUT agents JOIN us because they have better tools, technology, education, training, support, and culture than their previous broker was providing.

It’s not hard to see why we’ve grown so fast here in San Diego. When we offer agents all the benefits agents expect from a top real estate brokerage brokerage, but THEN ADD 100% commissions, it seriously becomes a "NO-BRAINER" for most agents to join.

I chose to make HomeSmart my new home because of the innovative, smart technology offered in conjunction with the educational offerings to new and experienced agents. The real estate industry is ever-evolving and HomeSmart International understands and embraces this, which is why they strive to offer their agents the best in technology, educational opportunities, marketing options and a wonderful support system to help you every step of the way! Joining the HomeSmart International team was a no-brainer, I just wish I had made the switch sooner!

V. Solorio, HomeSmart Agent

How Do 100% Commission Work?

It’s really quite simple, we HATE commission splits. So we changed things up. We ELIMINATED COMMISSION SPLITS and now charge a small transaction fee of $595 per transaction. The $595 is enough to pay for all the tools, technology, education, training and support that you would expect from a top real estate company, but not too much that it cuts into your commissions.

Imagine going from paying 20%, 30% or even 50% of your commissions, to paying just $595 a transaction. For an agent with a 70/30 split, on a $700,000 closing with a 3% commission, you might pay $6300 of your commission to your broker. At HomeSmart, you would pay a small $595 transaction fee.

What would you rather do...let your broker TAKE $6300 
of your commission or pay just $595?

5 deals in a year like that one and your broker will have taken over $31,500 of your commissions. At HomeSmart, you would have paid just $2975. As a HomeSmart agent you would have made an EXTRA $28,525!

With HomeSmart, you can relax knowing you’re getting paid for all the hard work YOU DID.

With its cutting-edge business model, it allowed me the Financial Freedom to hire a full-time transaction coordinator and a professional photographer for every listing. And most importantly, it allows me to Leisure Time and EXTRA MONEY to cruise around the World. For me, joining HomeSmart nearly two years ago was a smart and smashing move!

M.J. Martin, HomeSmart Agent

What are You Losing By Joining HomeSmart?

You’re not losing offices…We have 3 offices in Carlsbad, Mission Valley and Rancho Bernardo with workstations, training rooms, conference rooms, agent offices, etc.  •  You’re not losing education and training…We have experienced professionals teaching everything from doing 7% listings, to lead generation and listing presentations.  •  You’re not losing tools or technology…We have the latest technology and marketing to help you build and market your business.  •  You’re not losing support…You will never be without expert and experienced broker guidance should you require it. And our support staff are some of the most experienced, educated, and customer service oriented veterans in the industry.

What you are losing if you DON’T JOIN is…

You’re losing…The ability to live better and provide better for your family from the EXTRA income you’ll be making at HomeSmart. One of our agents told me how much she liked her previous broker and associates but moved to HomeSmart because she liked her family better and the extra commissions gave her MORE MONEY to provide for them. And you can get that EXTRA income by doing one of the simplest things in the world…changing brokerages.

You’re losing…The ability to grow your business faster. The EXTRA MONEY from each transaction will give you EXTRA MARKETING MONEY that will help get the next transaction…and the transaction after that, etc. This gives you the ability grow so much FASTER.

You’re losing…A great organization with tools, technology, training and support to help you build for YOUR future. One agent told us that her previous broker didn’t provide anywhere near the tools and technology she gets here at HomeSmart.

After looking at many local companies, HomeSmart was an easy choice. HomeSmart has the lead in assisting agents with the marketing of properties and listing process with their technical expertise. I am still amazed at what I can accomplish with this system with very little time and effort. The low fees, support, and ongoing education, were also drivers in my decision.

R. McHone, HomeSmart Agent

The Potential to Double Your Business

One of the biggest frustrations agents experience is not maintaining a consistent flow of leads. So, what if you took $2,000 or $3,000 of the EXTRA MONEY you’ll be making for EVERY transaction as a HomeSmart agent and put it into marketing and building your own business?

One transaction now become 2 transactions…and 2 transactions become 3…and so on. Your real estate business starts to GROW EXPONENTIALLY!

For an agent with a 70/30 split, on a $500,000 closing with a 3% commission, you’ll pay $4500 of your commission to your broker. At HomeSmart you would pay $595. So, at HomeSmart you will BRING HOME AN ADDITIONAL $3,900 which you can now use for marketing and lead generation.

More money from each transaction…produces MORE TRANSACTIONS…and the results are a potential EXPLOSION OF INCOME!

Not only have you INCREASED your standard of living but you now have the solid, reliable and predictable real estate INCOME MACHINE you’ve always wanted.

In just six months, I exceeded my earnings of the previous three years combined-TRIPLING my annual income in less than half a year! It is truly the HomeSmart independent business model, office resources and technology systems that have allowed me to manage and grow my business successfully. Most importantly, the extra commission dollars allowed me to pay for my son’s college tuition. I’m so glad I made the Smart Move!”

K. Hersum, HomeSmart Agent

Imagine you’re selling one of your listings to a HomeSmart agent.

You’re both getting 3% on a $700,000 transaction. You’re making $14,700 (because of your 70/30 split), while the HomeSmart buyer’s agent is making $20,405 (because he pays just $595 to his broker).

You both got 3% but the HomeSmart agent just made $5,705 MORE than you…on your own listing. Does that sound fair? Probably not, but I’m sure the HomeSmart agent isn’t losing any sleep over it. Think about this EVERY time you do a deal. You could be the agent making 100% commissions and all you have to do is change brokers to have this ETHICAL, but blatantly UNFAIR advantage.

And there’s this too…guess which one of those agents has the advantage in growing their business astronomically FASTER than the other agent? If you had an EXTRA $6000 right now, would that would help you with your marketing? Do you think you could get 1 or 2 additional listing if you spent $6000 in marketing, farming, or lead generation? Now imagine how much faster you could grow your business as a HomeSmart agent.

Looking at the percentages that HomeSmart takes, we thought well you can’t expect very much but this should work. We were overwhelmed with the support we get, the additional training every week, and it’s just been a great experience; We’re very happy to be here. Thank you Roger and we’re looking forward to many more years with HomeSmart.

L. Berry, HomeSmart Agent

How HomeSmart Helps You CLOSE MORE DEALS!

HomeSmart agents are in charge of their own businesses, without unnecessary broker interference. We’re not here to hold you back…we want to support you and help you CLOSE MORE DEALS.

YOU decide what to do with your commissions. By providing you with 100% commissions you have MORE MONEY to spend on your family. In fact, you could potentially close less deals yet make MORE MONEY. Or you could put the extra money you make towards marketing so you can CLOSE MORE DEALS.

YOU decide what commission you want to charge your clients. We’d rather see you charging 6% or even 7% like we show our agents how to do, but if you need to take a listing for less…we believe that should be your decision. An agent from a traditional brokerage had a seller than wanted her to take a $2,000,000 listing at 1.5% on her side. She was fine with that but the broker wouldn’t let her do it. She lost a $30,000 commission because the broker controlled what she could charge a client. We allow YOU to decide what commissions you will charge so you can CLOSE MORE DEALS.

Do you have a BUYER or SELLER program? Because our agents have complete control of their commissions they are able to design client attracting programs for their buyers and sellers. Like taking care of some of their client’s closing costs, moving expenses, etc. These incentives can be just the push a buyer or seller needs that will allow you to CLOSE MORE DEALS.

Have you ever been asked to contribute to the repairs or closing costs? When you are paying 20-30% of your commissions to your broker that’s hard to do. But when you are getting 100% commissions, it’s not as big a deal. You’ll be able to CLOSE MORE DEALS and still make more money.

Have you ever hesitated to take a referral because you were already paying your broker 20-30% on top of the 25-30% referral fee? When you are getting 100% commissions, it’s a lot easier to give up 25-30% as a referral fee. You’ll be able to CLOSE MORE DEALS and still make good money.

This is your business. You decide how hard you want to work and how many deals you want to do. If you want to do 1 or 2 deals a year…we’re with you. If you want to be a top producer…knock yourself out, we’ll support you the whole way. This is YOUR BUSINESS and we’re here to support and assist you. You can work FOR your current real estate company or you can come to HomeSmart and we can work TOGETHER to build you the solid, reliable real estate business you’ve always wanted.

After 23 years in the business, I did not feel I needed to be paying for services and programs I never used. My switch to HomeSmart was purely for reduced costs, but HomeSmart has exceeded my expectations! I have been so impressed with the sophistication and quality of their operation, plus they have the best brokers in the business. I only wish I would have made the move sooner.

B. Rapatz, HomeSmart Agent


Build & Grow Your Business With Great Training

HomeSmart Helps You Build Your Business!

We provide education and training on a weekly basis. Would you like to know how to do 7% listings? How about farming a development of 500 homes for about $200 a month? Would you like to get MORE LISTINGS … do more effective open houses … build a team … get MORE LEADS through Google pay-per-click, Facebook or LinkedIn? You’ll learn this and much more at HomeSmart.

We are constantly keeping our agents educated and up-to-date on the latest in contracts, legal issues, marketing, business building and much more. Come to as many classes as you like, they are all free.

If you are a real estate agent, HomeSmart is where you should be! A friend of mine recommend HomeSmart, and it was the best decision I made. HomeSmart offers all the tools, education, and training to need without draining your wallet. Brokers are available for questions anytime; easy access portal is great for maintaining transactions, and you get all of the support, guidance, and training PLUS high commission pay! This was by far the best decision I have made for my business and career!

V. Weinberg, HomeSmart Agent

Work Wherever & Whenever You Want With Our Online Transaction Management System

The RealSmart Agent Panel centers around a full client and paperless transaction management system for the brokerage and the individual agent. The fully integrated online system allows agents to do business any time of the day. Agents can track transaction status, download forms, upload documents, access automated marketing and free marketing downloads, manage their online balances and even participate in our online education and video training.

LISTING TOOLS - How HomeSmart Helps You Get & Sell More Listings!

The purpose of HomeSmart’s LISTING TOOLS is to make it easier for you to get and sell more listings. Tools that will impress homeowner and give you an advantage over other agents when doing your listing presentations.

Enter your MLS information and our software works automatically behind the scenes, grabbing your description and photos from the MLS to build videos and websites that will impress your sellers and help you close your listing appointments.

Press a button to get a print-ready flyer automatically produced for your listing. Press another button to get a personalized, custom website created just for your property and mobile website so that buyers driving the neighborhood can access everything about the property on their smart phones. Press another button to get a video of your listing created and submitted to YouTube. 3 buttons and half your marketing is already done for you. That’s what I call working SMARTER, not harder.

We also have a complete LISTING PRESENTATION designed for you and ready for you to customize for your next listing presentation. And those are the tools we have for listings. We also have tools for buyers, pre-made marketing materials and much…much…more!

BUYER TOOLS - How HomeSmart Helps You Get More Buyers!!

You just read about all the LISTING TOOLS. Now imagine the buyer leads you could get from them. The SmartGallery property websites...the SmartTube Youtube videos...the SmartFlyers...the SmartSES listing submissions...and the SmartCodes...not only help sell your listings but they also generate MORE BUYER PROSPECTS from every listing you have.

The purpose of HomeSmart’s BUYER TOOLS is to make it easier for you to take care of, impress and get more buyer clients. Imagine having the following tools at you disposal:

SmartTour-Custom Websites in Minutes

Buyers often contact multiple agents before deciding which one to go with. You can solidify your buyer relationships with a Buyer Virtual Tour Site. This technology creates custom websites for your buyers in minutes. Simply input up to 5 MLS listing numbers and the name of the custom site, such as Smith Family Home Tour. In just seconds a custom, branded site is created for your buyers with information pulled directly from the local MLS. Each site shows pictures, listing details, maps, and area information for each listing, as well as contact information for the HomeSmart agent. Your buyers will appreciate all of the time you spent putting together a custom site just for them, but the secret is that it only took you a few minutes!

SmartSearch-Buyer Home Searches Made Easy

Our SmartSearch is a powerful home search tool, enabling your clients to quickly and easily find homes that match their criteria. Everything that your client searches is stored to allow agent access to their saved searches, statistics about their specific searches, and more.

SmartSites-FREE IDX Websites

SmartSites are free customizable agent websites. These fully IDX enabled sites also feature a powerful search engine that ties in with SmartCodes and links directly into the HomeSmart lead management system.

 What lead me to HomeSmart initially, was the flat fee and having the ability to retain more of my money and to my surprise I've gotten more training and support here than I’ve gotten at many of the other brokerages where I’ve been. I couldn't be happier with the whole situation. so thank you very much and I hope that some of you who are sitting out on the fence will come join our team.

S. Green, HomeSmart Agent

"Here's the million dollar questions...

If our benefits are similar or better than what you're currently getting
AND you could be taking home thousands of dollars MORE on EVERY transaction...
Then what are you waiting for? Why aren't you calling us right now?

What Do You Do Next?

Just say MAYBE! We don't expect you to make a commitment right now. In fact, at about this point, most open-minded agents are asking questions like...What’s involved in changing broker? How fast can I make the change if I want to join now? 
What if I’m working with buyers? What if I have listings? What if I’m in escrow?

We understand you may still have questions or may simply want to personally visit one of our offices. So give us a call. We’ll set up an appointment for you to visit with one of our Career Services Managers. He’ll walk you through all the benefits, technology and commissions and see if we are a fit for you and you are a fit for us!

Don’t worry if you have homes in escrow or listings on the market, our Careers Services Manager will walk you through how all the changes work and answer any questions you might have. It’s simple, easy and there’s absolutely no obligation.

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